Have you prepared a social media strategy for the holidays?

Prepare your engagement strategy for the holidays beforehand The holidays are the best time for the food industry and restaurants. Everyone is eating out, celebrating and in generally a very jovial social mood. This means extra engagement, likes, reviews, and questions from your customers. And you amp all that engagement even more if you are […]

Transparency the only way for restaurants to survive on social media

McDonald’s takes up new initiative to answer all controversial questions about its ingredients With profits down by 30%, McDonald’s has been in a rough spot! Healthy eating habits, awareness/exposure of today’s Millennials and smart competitors like Chiptole and Panera Bread have made it impossible for McDonald’s to sell its “questionable food”. At first, the only […]

How to use social media to shine the spotlight on a new product/service

Taco Bell finds a strange and innovative way to get people to take notice of its app on social media Taco Bell is no stranger to the social media jungle. They’ve been navigating through all the social media wilderness like a proper Tarzan. They’re funny and on-point with all their posts. But their amove got […]

One celeb tweet could change the trajectory of your restaurant

This week, 2 Broke Girls kick-started season four with a surprise appearance from Kim Kardashian. Why she appeared on the show and how she fit into the storyline? Well, it all began when cupcake shop owners Max and Caroline were promised by the people behind the show Keeping up with the Kardashian that their cupcakes […]

Where’s Tinder for Restaurants?

You matched with a hot burger in your location, now the restaurant has to convince you with mouthwatering pictures and videos to come in and try it out! Tinder’s done for location apps what Kurt Cobain did for Alternative music. You just can’t talk about one without talking about the other! Tinder’s pushed all those […]

8 ways to make your restaurant millennial-friendly!

Eeeeek – the millennials are invading your tables. And yes, they’re tweeting about you! You know those 100 million babies born between 1978 to 2000, Gen Y or Millenials, they have mutated into the most complex creatures to date. They’re crawling and trolling through fast-food and high-end restaurants and they have the power to Yelp […]

Restaurants, forget plain pictures, go for animated GIFs!

You know what happens when you watch just one episode of Masterchef? Or when you stalk that one friend on Instagram with #foodporn fettered all over her Instagram? You climb inside that comfortably cold fridge, close the door forever, and eat food in ways (and with the kind of speed) that would force you to […]

Everything you need to know about #socialmedia usage in Germany

Germany’s 82m people have just 4m Twitter accounts. Germany trails behind countries like Turkey (population 75m, 11m accounts) and the Philippines (population 98m, 8.6m accounts). (The Economist) More than 75% of all Germans (over 14 years of age) use the internet in some way.  Of these, more than 75% are registered on at least one […]

Restaurants, food comes second, ‘tweets’ and ‘likes’ first!

No one will ever get to try this restaurant’s amazing cake, if the owner doesn’t get the restaurant’s social media presence in order! Ever been so hungry you could wolf down a cow and all its friends and relatives? Before you started binging on poor very alive farm animals, you stopped yourself and went online […]

Listen up businesses, “Ello” isn’t against you!

No, this social network is not planning to push your business out of the social spectrum! Just as you read this headline, a thousand users probably signed up for this new “ad-free” social network called “Ello” which is being hailed as the Anti-Facebook. Wondering what all the fuss is about? Well, Ello’s mantra is to […]

Restaurants, befriend the single diner!

“So just table for one?” “Your party isn’t joining you?” “We don’t have a table for one, how about we seat you in this Siberia-like corner next to the gigantic plant?” “Why don’t you sit alone smack in the middle of the room, so people can point at your miserable single existence!” If you’ve ever […]

Restaurants, stop running away from reviews!

I recently wrote a review for a restaurant on their Facebook page. To be honest, it wasn’t the most “precious” thing I have ever written. In my rage for their bad quality of service, I satirized their decor, ambience and food too. Surprisingly enough, no social media manager responded to this review! But a lot […]

The rants of an angry Content Marketer

Content marketing sucks! I say this with the kind of love for content marketing as a mother would have for her mentally imbalanced incarcerated murderer son. She might be confused, embarrassed, ashamed and hateful of her son’s actions but she still can’t help but love him anyway. And when it comes to creating and marketing […]

RIP organic reach on social networks – you’ll be missed!

We’ve known this would happen one day but it came just too soon. First, it was Facebook that became a “advertising network” and made its organic reach formula decrease by 49%. And now Twitter plans to join the league by changing its newsfeed algorithm in a way that you will only see the tweets Twitter […]

Restaurants, ‘likes’ are the new social currency!

Here’s an idea, next time someone forgets to bring their wallet and can’t pay for a meal at your restaurant, don’t ask them to do the dishes. Instead, ask them to post photos or tweet/share their experience, or like your Facebook page. It might be a bigger payback than any currency you’ll ever get from […]