Foursquare’s makeover – and what it means for users and businesses?

We’re talking new logo, followers & customised recommendations Foursquare’s been busy generating a lot of buzz over their new look. In a nutshell: Foursquare has a new logo. Check-ins have been moved out of Foursquare but people can still do check ins on Swarm. Swarm has a 1.5 star review… Foursquare will let users follow […]

Claim on Foursquare, before you get disclaimed!

We’ve all mentally prepared for Foursquare’s funeral, announced the death of the check-in, but what do you know that damn thing keeps coming back from the dead. So if you have ignored claiming your local business on Foursquare, here are some reasons why you should claim your local restaurant or business and how you can […]

The social media interview – Evan Dunn

This week, we chose to interview Evan Dunn, who has in the span of less than two years, already worked on the social media strategies of 170 clients from 25 varied industries. He has experience working with everything from US colleges to local restaurants.   1.      How did you get into social media management? I […]

How a French Burger Joint started making meaty social conversations!

  Clément Thonon, Marketing Manager at Big Fernand, shares how the restaurant got its infamous social media management swagger. Big Fernand, a burger chain with five restaurants based in France, is reinventing the hamburger in a quintessential French way. Think burgers with all kinds of fresh and delicious meats and cheeses! For a young and […]

7 marketing platforms every local business needs to be on… right now!

And if you’re not, it would explain all those missed sales and opportunities Yesterday, we wrote about how important it was to have your correct, updated and clean local business listing on Google Maps. Now, that you have hopefully checked out where you stand on that issue, lets move on to helping you with the […]

Could Google bankrupt your business?

Uhh, they kinda did to this poor upscale restaurant! But here’s how you can save yourself from that fate! Recently, a restaurant owner decided to take Google to court because their restaurant’s incorrect Google Places listing led to its ultimate bankruptcy. If you searched for this particular restaurant online, the information showcased that it was […]

Restaurants, one post a day keeps your community engaged!

At Spotistic, we wanted to connect more regularly with our readers and customers so we just came up with this idea of writing new content on our blog every single day. That’s 7 new valuable ideas every week! 1 new idea every day…for eternity! Forever and ever! Eeek! Big commitment! But we’re glad to put in […]

Diving back on Social Media platforms after a vacation

How to manage content, posts, notifications, updates after a long, tranquil getaway For community/social media managers checking multiple social media accounts for multiple clients at multiple times for multiple reasons becomes a habit. A routine. A need. A disorder. But the good type of disorder! Every waking minute and every sleeping hour, you’re thinking about […]

‘Social Jane’ on managing social networks for multiple organisations

We asked  “Social Jane” who is a freelance social media manager/author who manages social platforms for and Kelly Services on her take on social media management. Jane has a lot of experience in this area as she organizes barcamps, social media seminars and coaches other entrepreneurs and families on social media. 1. How did you get into […]