RIP organic reach on social networks – you’ll be missed!

We’ve known this would happen one day but it came just too soon. First, it was Facebook that became a “advertising network” and made its organic reach formula decrease by 49%. And now Twitter plans to join the league by changing its newsfeed algorithm in a way that you will only see the tweets Twitter […]

Restaurants, ‘likes’ are the new social currency!

Here’s an idea, next time someone forgets to bring their wallet and can’t pay for a meal at your restaurant, don’t ask them to do the dishes. Instead, ask them to post photos or tweet/share their experience, or like your Facebook page. It might be a bigger payback than any currency you’ll ever get from […]

How about a nice sticker to increase social awareness in your restaurant?

We’ve often discussed the 7 most important online marketing platforms for restaurants that are integral if you want to be discovered online and desire to have the most relevant and updated information about your business available for your potential and existing customers. When a customer goes hopping from your restaurant’s online presence to your brick-and-mortar, […]

Be ‘in the moment’ with your customers with the Spotistic app

Who wants to be stuck behind a laptop every few hours when you can simply be at your local bar or restaurant, mingling with your customers and having meaningful social interactions directly with them, from your convenience of your phone? That’s why we’ve worked on a mobile app that can revolutionise the way you interact […]

Does your business have a unique voice on social media?

You could own a restaurant or a pet store, your SM monkey could post a million times a day, it could be the most magical and life-changing material on social media. But, if it all sounds like it came from Vicki from Small Wonder, no one (and I mean not even your loving sister) is […]

Every social media manager should do this Yelp reply writing exercise

One day you will wake up to such a nasty review of your local business on Yelp, you will consider signing out of every social network, shutting down your business, and holing up in some establishment reminiscent of the The Shining. Don’t! Bad reviews are expected, and even the best businesses have gotten them. Bad […]

Dear social media manager, think before you “like” or “follow”!

Every now and then, we’ll be sitting on our client’s social media account, and we’ll come across a quote, page, comic or video that immediately invokes our “like” or “follow” fetish. Without blinking or thinking, we’ll push that “like” button, then go away and make ourselves a sandwich! While you might enjoy reading (ahem) from […]

The ups, downs and all arounds of online local marketing

All the latest news you must read, hear, tweet, share and drop casually in front of all the #localmarketing nerds: Move over check-ins! Foursquare got a new look What Foursquare’s makeover means for users and businesses? Can Foursquare Crack Local Search? Foursquare plans to deliver relevant advertising for local businesses with every user search. Checking […]

..Bout time your restaurant Instagrammed like the #best

Time and again, we come across restaurant owners who think Instagram is not their shtick! Yes, Facebook and Twitter are important but there are huge opportunities waiting for your restaurant on Instagram. Get a load of a few of these: Instagram is growing so fast globally, its whoosing past all the other social sites Instagram […]

Online directories is where the action is at!

So we told you online directories are important in this post. But Google’s new search engine algorithm make them even more important than before. In a nutshell, what does this new algorithm change for your local business?  If you search for “Restaurants in New York City”… The first results are individual restaurants listed on Google […]